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Optimal Reliability Transportation is more than non-emergency transportation. We provide transportation services for doctor's appointments, errand services, pharmacy pick-ups, before and after school, daycare & much more.

Student Transportation

Our Student Transportation service provides safe and reliable transportation for students of all ages and those with special needs or accommodations. We specialize in transporting students to and from charter schools, public schools, and private schools. We offer a variety of vehicles to meet your specific needs, including sedans, 15 passenger vans, mini vans, and SUVs. We also provide before and after school service, ensuring your child gets to school on time and returns home safely. Sibling discounts are available, and we are pleased to offer transportation to students who are eligible through the McKinney Vento Act. Contact us today for more information and to register for services.

Children in School Bus

Daycare, Before and After School and student transport

At our company, we deeply understand the value of your children and prioritize their safety above all else. That's why we strive to offer transportation services that are not only secure but also convenient and dependable. We are dedicated to providing a reliable means of transportation specifically tailored to meet the needs of students. If you're interested, feel free to inquire about our student transportation services designed for your school.


Errand Service, Pharmacy Pick-Up, Hospital Organ and Specimen delivery

Whether it's a loved one needing a prescription filled/picked up or hospital has a time sensitive delivery, we guarantee to provide service above and beyond your expectations.

Efficient Brokerage Services for Transportation 

Our transportation brokerage services offer a comprehensive solution to all of your transportation needs. With access to a wide range of qualified transportation providers and a user-friendly app for scheduling, we make arranging transportation services simple and hassle-free. From student transportation to NEMT, corporations, and workman's comp, our experienced brokers provide expert services to ensure that you receive reliable and efficient transportation services.

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