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Optimal Reliability Transportation is more than non-emergency transportation. We provide transportation services for doctor's appointments, errand services, pharmacy pick-ups, before and after school, daycare & much more.

NEMT Service

Our Non-Emergency Medical Transportation (NEMT) services encompass a wide range of options, catering to various needs. While the following list highlights some of our offerings, it is not exhaustive:

  1. Workman Compensation: We provide transportation services for individuals covered under workman compensation programs, ensuring they reach their medical appointments safely and comfortably.

  2. Attorneys' Injured Client Transportation: Attorneys often require transportation for their injured clients to attend legal proceedings or medical examinations. Our NEMT services are available to support these specific transportation needs.

  3. Dialysis Transportation: We understand the importance of regular dialysis treatments for individuals with kidney conditions. Our reliable transportation service ensures timely and comfortable transportation to and from dialysis centers.

  4. Rehabilitation Transport: For individuals undergoing rehabilitation programs, our NEMT service offers safe and convenient transportation to and from therapy sessions, ensuring they receive the necessary care and support.

  5. Adult Day Transport: We provide transportation services for adults attending day programs or activities. Whether it's senior citizens or individuals with disabilities, our NEMT service offers reliable transportation to help them engage in meaningful and fulfilling activities.

Please note that these examples represent just a selection of the services we offer. We are committed to meeting the diverse transportation needs of our clients and can accommodate other specific requirements as well.

Airport Transportation and Black Car

Don't wait until the last-minute requesting a rideshare only to risk missing your flight. Schedule your airport transportation in advance, or same day for that unexpected get away.

Children in School Bus

Daycare, Before and After School and student transport

At our company, we deeply understand the value of your children and prioritize their safety above all else. That's why we strive to offer transportation services that are not only secure but also convenient and dependable. We are dedicated to providing a reliable means of transportation specifically tailored to meet the needs of students. If you're interested, feel free to inquire about our student transportation services designed for your school.


Errand Service, Pharmacy Pick-Up, Hospital Organ and Specimen delivery

Whether it's a loved one needing a prescription filled/picked up or hospital has a time sensitive delivery, we guarantee to provide service above and beyond your expectations.

Broker Pricing for Attorneys, Workman Comp and Medical Delivery

Our brokerage services begin with a minimum 10 clients/deliveries per facility. These are contracted services. Rates are based on broker fees, distance and additional transport service. They are invoiced on a net 30 term and can be scheduled online or email after contract setup.

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